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Patsy Courage Menard

Experienced REALTOR® in Schertz, TX, Patsy Courage Menard.”

Hi, I’m Patsy Courage Menard, a REALTOR® in Schertz, TX. I worked on and off in the real estate industry between 1980 to 2002, which I then changed to a full-time agent. I moved to the coastal bend in 2007, where I discovered many hobbies and enjoyed everything Texas offered, such as fishing, surfing, and kayaking. When I’m not helping people with their real estate needs, I usually enjoy other activities, including walking, going outdoors, and sewing, indicating that I’m a well-rounded individual who knows the area.

As for my knowledge in the industry, you can rest easy knowing I have over two decades of full-time experience as an agent. My experience expands beyond the Coastal Bend, with me working in San Antonio and New Braunfels. As someone focusing on selling luxury homes, I go through the properties regularly and keep myself informed to help clients accordingly. To add to these points, I was a Top Luxury Buyer’s Agent in 2022, so my knowledge allows me to help buyers and sellers alike.

I make it my mission to help people as much as possible, wanting them to have positive experiences regarding real estate. For instance, I love working with clients, so I do my best to assist them and focus on the best ways to meet your real estate goals. However, you can view me as a collaborator since I’ll not only help you with the steps but also provide answers to any of your concerns. You can call me whenever you want, and I’ll be there to address anything you bring up to help you make the most of your situation.

Whether you plan to buy or sell, you can work with me, Patsy Courage Menard. Do you need help finding a property as a first-time buyer? I’ll help you find a house and provide advice and show you the different listings available. Are you selling a property and want to get top dollar for it? You can talk with me, and I’ll show you how to get your house on the MLS, so you’ll have more options and buyers to boost your house sales. I’m here to listen to your needs and act accordingly, so you’ll succeed. Contact me today to create a real estate plan.

More services I provide in Texas…

You can check out the Canyon Springs Golf Community and find properties close to it. I know that searching through the area can pose challenges, so I’m here to offer my services and help you find the right home. Since I’m familiar with the area, you can let me know what you need from a house, so I can search with you and help you find the best property available. Reach out now to start your search.

I also assist people regarding luxury homes in Hollywood Park, TX. If you plan to buy or sell a property, I’ll use my expertise to show you the best approaches you can take to find a house or sell it. As someone that knows how to negotiate, I’ll also help you secure a better deal regarding a house while pointing out potential problems. I’ll show sellers the best techniques to boost their home’s value. Call now to learn more.


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